PUPILS in Llanfair Caereinion visited the town’s library to mark World Book Day.

The students from Caereinion High School dressed up as some of their favourite characters for the major reading event at The Institute on Thursday, March 7.

Headteacher Phillip Jones says it was all about celebrating reading and improving literacy by building a stronger partnership between the secondary school and the library.

“We’re going to bring Year Sevens here once every term, so we’ll work with The Institute and their hours. We’d encourage every learner to become a member of the library so they can take a book out and bring it back at the next visit.”

He added: “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Chair of Llanfair Caereinion Town Council, Cllr Kate Roberts, says the library provides an irreplaceable hub for community reading experiences. She said: “Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The library is the centre of Llanfair; it’s where all age groups come together. It’s here and free and it’s surprising how many people don’t realise what’s on their doorstep.”

Issie Arrowsmith, Year 13, became a library member four years ago.

She said: “I wandered in here, because I’m an avid reader. The librarian was brilliant and enthusiastic and recommended amazing books. I’ve had a load of books from here, and if they haven’t got a book here they’ll order one in and it’s really quick.”

Head Boy Dylan Bridgen said: “It would be definitely good to unite the library with the school. We have a selection of books up in our library that have stagnated, and they’ve not changed.”

Catrin Ward said: “Welsh books are quite difficult to find, and you can only order them online. I normally get my Welsh books every year at the Eisteddfod because that’s the only time there are stalls open. So the fact that they’re here for free and you could probably order in any book. It’s especially good for Welsh A-level students who need to read books as part of the course. It definitely encourages people to read more Welsh.”

Librarian Meg Ringrose said: “It was brilliant. Children need to read, and we need to keep the libraries open.”