The fire service were warning Powys road users to be on the lookout this morning after a heavy downpour left low lying roads flooded.

Llanfair fire station say two cars were rescued by a farmer before they arrived at a large area of flooding on the A458 near Banwy Fuels, Llangyniew, between Welshpool and Llanfair.

They say the council will close the road this morning.

Flooding has also been reported on the B4386 Montgomery to Shrewsbury Road near the Powys/Shropshire border, where deep pools have formed on the road from run-off from saturated fields.

Official advice from the fire service advises drivers not to pass through floodwater:

"Don’t drive through floodwater. Two feet of flowing water is enough to sweep your car away," they say via their website.

"Don’t walk in floodwater that is above knee level, it can easily knock you off your feet. The water could cover open manholes, road works or objects and you won’t be able to see them."