AROUND 100 people attended the Save Welshpool Library Meeting, held at Welshpool Town Hall on Thursday, March 7.

The mayor of the town, Cllr Stephen Kaye, chaired the meeting. Town councillors and county councillors were present at the meeting, as well as Roger Foulkes, Brian Timmis and Laura Bartley from the Save Welshpool Library campaign group and Mike Greene, the chair council of British Archaeology Wales (BAW).

The town council confirmed its position on the merger of the library with the Powysland Museum; that it voted through a motion to object to the relocation of the library from its current site.

There was discussion on the town council’s charter with Powys County Council, where a clause states that the county council will not cut any services in Welshpool without first giving Welshpool Town Council the opportunity to consider taking over such services.

Brian Timmis and Roger Foulkes said that the moving of the library was not an option and should be resisted using peaceful means. They also said that: “We will fight to the bitter end”.

Mike Greene from BAW said there will be no room for proper exhibitions in the museum. He also warned that the museum as a whole could be lost with the loss of ground floor space as it would result in a fall of numbers.

Laura Bartley spoke of how the reduction in the services would have long term effects on education and the facilities on offer to the public.

A legal challenge was also discussed, with the idea of a judicial review. This comes as campaigners are claiming that Powys County Council has not followed correct procedure and that the plans should not be proceeded with until this is corrected.