Glyn Davies, MP for Montgomeryshire, thinks that "the UK will not leave the European Union at all" after MPs rejected Theresa May's Brexit deal for a second time on Tuesday, March 12.

He described the vote as "another significant Brexit day in Parliament". He said: "I expected it to be defeated but not by such a margin. Left me very disappointed. Don’t mind being on the losing side but not this sort of annihilation. Can’t do much about it though."

The Conservative MP added: "Not certain where this leaves Brexit, but I do now think that the UK will not leave the European Union at all.

"And the irony is that it was those most keen to leave that have probably killed off Brexit altogether. Bit of talk about a General Election. Still don’t think it’s more than a possibility but the odds have been shortened. Prefer it to a re-run of the EU Referendum though.

"It’s an odd world when I see my colleagues most enthusiastic about leave to be joining the Labour Party to defeat a deal with would have actually delivered Brexit. Funny old world!"