"Heart beats are slowing and glazed over eyes returning to normal" after Johnny Mercer MP's visit to Welshpool.

That's what Glyn Davies, the MP for Montgomeryshire, said when fellow Conservative MP for Plymouth Moor View visited his consistency.

After his visit on Friday, March 8, Mr Davies said: "The female members of Montgomeryshire Conservatives are in recovery. Heart beats are slowing and glazed over eyes returning to normal.

"MP for Plymouth Moor View, Johnny Mercer has been talking at out Spring Lunch in Welshpool today.

"Johnny is a former soldier who as a member of Special Forces Unit served three terms in Afghanistan. He signed a few copies of his book ‘We were Warriors- One Soldiers Story of Brutal Combat in Afghanistan’.

"We have some things in common. Johnny was elected unexpectedly, in a seat where Conservatives traditionally came in second - and have built up decent majorities. And he sets great store on ‘connecting’ with constituents. All in all, a very enjoyable day."

"Always a bit risky being photographed with a former male model and media star. But Johnny is a top rate politician as well. Great ‘front’ for the Conservative Party," Mr Davies added.

On Twitter, Emma Wilde Hale said she was "totally and utterly inspired" by Johnny Mercer and that the lunch was what "politics should be about".