An open verdict was recorded at an inquest into the death of a women found at her home in Welshpool.

Linda Warke, 61, was found dead in her home after she had not been heard from, the inquest was told.

At the inquest on Friday, March 1, at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court, PC Baille gave evidence.

He said that on October 1, he attended the property with another officer. He intended to force entry into the property through the front door, but his colleague was able to gain access through a back window instead, the court heard.

The officer said he could “smell a strong smell”, one that he is familiar as a police officer with many years on the job – that of a dead person, the court heard.

PC Baille told the coroner that he found Ms Warke face down, close to the settee.

She had a cord from a hoover slightly around her ankles and PC Baille said she may have tripped.

A report from a doctor, read out by the corner, said that Ms Warke had asthma and an overactive thyroid, which she had not been taking her medication for.

The doctor “could not say why she died” as there were “loads of possibilities”, but that “she had been unwell”, the inquest heard.

The coroner, Andrew Barkley, said the reason for her death was “unascertained” as there were “too many possibilities.” An open verdict was given.