Two Newtown streets could be made one way in an effort to resolve long term traffic issues, according to Powys County Council.

Sections of Union Street and Bryn Street have been the subject of repeated disputes over parking, which culminated in residents waking up to find their cars had been towed away by police during a crack-down in November 2017.

Residents also say parents picking up and dropping off school-children at nearby Penygloddfa primary school exacerbate the problem during peak times.

In 2017, Newtown county councillor Mark Barnes organised a public consultation to try and resolve the issues, which has led to the proposed changes.

"The issues around parking in Bryn St and Crescent St have been long discussed," he said.

"This was raised when I spoke to residents before the county council elections.

"Following lengthy debate and consultation, the one-way system that is being introduced was distilled down as the most popular step to ease the situation. Other options were ruled out by residents due to the less tasteful outcomes that they would bring.

"I'm grateful to PCC for listening and delivering on resident's views."

A statement from the council said the changes would improve safety and maximise parking.

"The council intends to make parts of Union Street and Bryn Street one-way to improve the traffic safety and to maximise parking along the two streets.

"The council also intends to introduce a prohibition of all motor vehicles (except for access) along unclassified roads known as Hollies Lane and Penlan Lane as a result of concerns expressed by local residents.

"An existing 7.5 tonne weight limit traffic order will also be revoked along Hollies Lane will also be revoked if the prohibition order is implemented."

The council says it has now started the legal process to make the traffic orders for the one-way system, the prohibition of all motor vehicles and to revoke the weight limit.

The council say the proposed traffic orders will be available for inspection at Newtown Library.