A MAN headbutted a police officer and called him a “Welsh b******” after he was arrested in Welshpool for being drunk and disorderly, a court heard.

However, Welshpool magistrates also heard that the defendant himself felt he had experienced racism when a town centre pub refused to serve him alcohol.

Patrick Joseph Stokes, 55, of Leighton Arches, was charged with assaulting PC Baille, in a way which was racially aggravated, in Newtown on November 23, 2018. Stokes initially denied the offence but later pleaded guilty.

Helen Tench, prosecuting, told Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday that the offence took place after Stokes was arrested and in custody.

She played body cam footage from PC Baille to the court.

The video began after Stokes had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly and showed him being taken into custody.

PC Baille said to Stokes: “Why are you so aggressive?” The defendant then said: “I’m not ******* aggressive. I’m not ******* stupid.”

The police officer said: “Don’t talk to me like that sunshine. Who do you think you are?”

The defendant continued to swear at the officer and PC Baille told him to stop and to calm down.

At the end of the video footage, the defendant was seen headbutting the police officer.

The prosecution told the court that Stokes was arrested at 6.40pm after the police received a call from the landlady of a pub in Welshpool.

Ms Tench told magistrates that the video shows the assault; the headbutt to the officer, and the racial aggravation; calling the police officer a “Welsh b******”.

PC Baille did not expect the defendant to assault him, even though he was “threatening”, Ms Tench told the court.

PC Baille was left with bruises, swelling to the top of his cheekbone, a lip injury and a black eye, the prosecution told Welshpool magistrates.

Robert Hanratty, defending, told the court that Stokes was “extremely concerned” with the change of staff in a local public house.

“The new barmaid made comments about not serving alcohol,” the court heard.

Mr Hanratty said that Stokes perceived this to be racist as he was a member of the travelling community.

The defence said Stokes was “significantly under the influence of drink”.

Mr Hanratty told magistrates: “Nothing other than the headbutt suggested that he was going to strike PC Baille.”

He said it was “spontaneous” and that Stokes was just “being awkward”.

“This is what people are like when they are drunk and disorderly.”

Probation said Stokes was unemployed due to health reasons and that he had stopped using alcohol since the offence, Welshpool magistrates heard.

Mr Hanratty told magistrates: “This was an average Saturday night experience for an officer, I’m sorry I have to say.”

Magistrates gave Stokes an 18-month community order, including 20 skills days and 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days. He was also ordered to pay a fine of £545, including £150 compensation to PC Baille.