A Newtown town and county councillor says she ‘cannot support’ a budget which she says ‘attacks hard working families’ when it goes before council this week.

County Councillor Joy Jones, non-aligned councillor for Newtown East, says a proposed budget which includes over £12 million of cuts to services on top of a 9.5% council tax increase will hit the poorest members of society the hardest should be approved by a full meeting of Powys County Council this week as expected.

“On top of the council tax rise the council expect residents to pay 15p more for their children’s school dinners, cut the amount of 3+ care and breakfast clubs,” she said.

“Council tenants will have rent increases. Some Powys libraries will be reduced along with funding for arts and voluntary groups, as well as cuts to other important services. This is a budget I can not support.”

A meeting of full council will convene on Thursday, February 21 to approve the budget put forward by the council’s cabinet last week.

If it passes full council this week as expected it will be formally ratified at a meeting to be held in March.