57 PER CENT of coupled-up people in Powys fancy their partner more now than at the beginning of their relationship.

Anyone worrying about what to wear on a Valentine’s Day date with their partner or whether they’ve ‘still got it’ should feel reassured by new research carried out by relationship support charity, Relate.

In a survey of more than 2,000 UK adults, they found that 62 per cent of adults in relationships say they fancy their partner more now than at the beginning of their relationship.

For those living in Powys, this figure was 57 per cent.

While people tend to fancy their partner more than at the beginning of the relationship, this didn’t necessarily equate to more sex. In total, just under a third (31 per cent) of Brits in relationships and also 31 per cent in Wales were having more sex now than in the beginning of the relationship.

The survey confirmed the theory that love grows over time, with 84 per cent in Wales saying they love their partner more now than at the beginning of their relationship. This compares to 77 per cent across the whole of the UK.

Val Tinkler, area manager said: “It’s heartening to hear that love and attraction increases with time for so many people. Sharing new experiences, valuing everyday pleasures and creating memories together helps the connection between couples to grow over the years.

"As partners we take on new challenges like bringing up children and building successful careers, and deal with everything life throws at us, we often start to see each other in a new light which can increase the attraction we feel.”

“If you’re having less sex now than at the beginning of your relationship, it doesn’t mean you don’t fancy each other or that your relationship is in trouble, particularly if you’re being intimate in other ways like touching, kissing and hugging.

"If you do one thing for your relationship this Valentine’s Day, plan in some time for intimacy – whether that’s having sex, giving your partner a massage or simply cuddling up in bed in front of a film.”

If you’re feeling insecure or unhappy in your relationship, contact Relate. You can attend alone or as a couple and support is available both face to face and online. Find out more at www.relate.org.uk