A community interest company formed to safeguard services in North Powys could take legal action to protect a deal to secure the future of Llanfyllin library, they say.

Eleven town and community councils formed a North Montgomeryshire Cluster Community Interest Company (CIC) which signed an agreement with Powys County Council in June 2018 to pay for half the Llanfyllin Library costs for 5 years, supposedly safeguarding the future of the service.

However last month the County Council said 'new ways of sustaining the service' must be found, with Cllr Powell stating that the local authority was facing "unprecedented financial pressure" on services.

Emma Wilde-Hale, solicitor and director of the North Montgomeryshire Cluster CIC, said the company was "committed" to ensuring the county council fulfils it's obligations.

“In June 2018, the CIC signed a five year legal agreement with the County Council. Under that agreement any changes must be by mutual agreement and after consultation.

"It is unfortunate that the Council have chosen not to consult with their partners in the CIC prior to this process being commenced.

"The CIC are committed to ensuring that the County Council fulfils not only its promises but also its legal obligations to the Library and the community. If necessary, we will take legal action to ensure the terms of the agreement are fulfilled by Powys County Council.”

Pupils from Llanfyllin High School joined others a drop-in session held at Llanfyllin Community Library to discuss the future of the library ahead of a decision on budgets set to be made by Powys County Council this week.

The meeting was also attended by local County Cllrs Peter Lewis, Gwynfor Thomas, Emyr Jones and Jonathan Wilkinson and Bryn Davies, all of whom are campaigning to maintain services in the Community Library, and the Mayor of Llanfyllin, Cllr Simon Baynes.

“This meeting showed how much the Library means to all of North Montgomeryshire, not just Llanfyllin, particularly young people, many of whom spoke at the Drop-in session," said Cllr Baynes.

"The Library is used extensively by Llanfyllin High School which adds yet another reason for its protection.”

County Cllr Peter Lewis added:

“Everyone in the north of the county is contributing half the costs of the Library through their community council precept. Llanfyllin Community Library is not just about books but also plays an important part in helping people in the community, such as helping with housing applications, universal credit and other official forms and paperwork.

"It also has computers which members of the public can use. It is vital we maintain the library service here - it is a Community Library for everyone.”