A 22-year-old Knighton woman admitted kicking a police officer “repeatedly” after she was arrested for her own protection, Llandrindod Wells Magistrates’ Court heard.

Becky May Randell, a care worker, assaulted PC Lawson in the back of a police car on January 17 in what was described as a “totally unacceptable” incident by magistrates.

Randell pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker by beating when she appeared before the court on Wednesday, February 6.

Stephen Davies, prosecuting, told the court that police officers attended Randell’s property in the early hours of the morning for an unrelated matter when she was put in the back of a police car.

She then “smashed her head” against the side of the door, magistrates heard.

Randell also “yelled abuse” and said that she would commit suicide, Stephen Davies said.

She then kicked PC Lawson “repeatedly”.

The car then had to be stopped for the other officer to assist and Randell was transferred to a van due to her behaviour, magistrates heard.

Stephen Davies said the police officer was not injured but did have stiffness on her shoulders and arms, the court heard.

Randell, of Garth Meadows, was arrested on January 17 and when questioned said she “didn’t mean to assault” the officer, Stephen Davies told the court.

The defendant said she was trying to move the police officer away from her, the prosecution told the court.

Randell said she “didn’t mean to assault her” and “didn’t mean to hurt her”, the court heard.

Mike Davies, defending, said that Randell’s last conviction is from five years ago, when she was in youth court. He said Randell had told him: “I was a wild child then, my parents had separated and I would go off the rails a little bit.”

Randell is a care worker but has not been at work since she sprained her wrist, her defence told the court.

However, Mike Davies told magistrates that a conviction would have a “considerable impact upon her” and that she could lose her job altogether.

Mike Davies told the court the Randell got “extremely emotional” when she was put in the back of the police car.

“She was arrested for her own protection. She appreciates that now but didn’t at the time.”

Her defence solicitor told the court: “She started to bang her head against the window quite strongly.”

The police officer then tried to make Randell stop and she “pushed out her foot to create more distance,” Mike Davies told the court.

The defence solicitor gave PC Lawson credit for the way she dealt with the situation.

Lorna Jones, chair of the bench, said that Randell had gone from making a fresh start as an adult to assaulting a police officer and that it was “totally unacceptable”.

Randell was given a 12 month conditional discharge and was ordered to pay £155 in costs, including £50 in compensation to the officer.