A  RETROSPECTIVE planning application by a county councillor for buildings already built will be in front of Powys County Council’s planning committee on Thursday, February 7.

County Councillor for Llanwrtyd Wells, Timothy Van Rees, (Independent) has submitted a retrospective application for two big sheds at Glanirfon Farm.

Planning officers recommend approval and the application comes before the committee as applications by a county councillor are automatically put before it.

Planning case officer, Rhys Evans, says in his report: “The application is for two agricultural buildings.

“The main planning consideration relating to this type of proposal is whether it would cause any unacceptable adverse effects on Powys’ landscape.

“It is considered that the principle of development at this location fundamentally complies with relevant planning policy.

“It is not considered that the agricultural buildings at this location has had a significant adverse effect upon the the surrounding landscape.”

The sheds are 170 metres from the nearest neighbour and are not considered to have impact in them in terms of light or privacy.

Cllr Van Rees said: “I declared an interest in the matter as I am the applicant, and clearly it will have to go in front of the planning committee.”

One shed measures 18.2m in length, 12.2m in width and a height of 5.5metres to the ridge.

The second ridge is 14 metres in length by 5 metres in width  and a height to the ridge of 4.9 metres.

Mr Evans added: “Having carefully considered the proposed development, officers consider that the proposal fundamentally complies with relevant planning policy.

“The recommendation therefore is conditional approval.”