COUNCILLORS were taught a bit of Welsh mythology before they unanimously approved a motion which will see Powys Count Council (PCC) become more environmentally friendly.

Plaid Cymru group leader, Cllr Elwyn Vaughan put forward the motion and told councillors the sad tale of Cantre Gwaelod (The Lower Hundred).

Cantre’r Gwaelod is Wales’ own tale of Atlantis, of a land west of Aberystwyth sinking beneath the sea due to the carelessness of the watcher, Seithennyn who was drunk and failed to close the dykes and stop the tide flowing onto the fertile land.

He added that the tree stumps that can sometimes be seen off the coast of Borth and Aberdyfi are the remnants of the sunken kingdom

Cllr Vaughan, who represents Glantwymyn, explained: “Hopefully people today won’t be the same as Seithennyn, drunk and blind to the threat to our environment.

“We need to think about what sort of legacy we will be leaving to future generations.”

Cllr Jackie Charlton, (Liberal Democrat – Llangattock) said: “I’m happy to support this, this gets my absolute support I have been a campaigner for climate change for at least 20 years, and I really hope to see that we’ll find some way of demonstrating how we as a council are having an impact.”

Cllr Amanda Jenner (Conservative, Buttington Trewern and Middletown), said: “As a self labelled eco-Tory I fully agree with the sentiment, we would all agree that this is of significant concern.”

Cllr Jenner had worked on the motion with Cllr Vaughan before the meeting.

Cllr Pete Roberts (Liberal Democrat – Llandrindod South), said: “This puts forward something that is practical and brings specifics in how we move forward with the Mid Wales Growth Deal as well.

“it’s important that we as an area recognise the beauty of our area and in terms of moving climate change conservation forward, I’m thinking about the success we’ve had in Breconshire of the small scale hydro along the streams coming down the Beacons.”

Cllr Mike Williams (Independent – Machynlleth) added: “If we don’t do anything then nature will do it for us.

“The sooner we as a human race do something the better.”

The main points of the motion called ‘Green Heart of Wales,’ are:

  • PCC support the principles of Zero Carbon Britain and the work done by the CAT (Centre of Alternative Technology near Machynlleth);
  • Asks the pension trustees to develop a strategy of divestment from fossil fuels;
  • Look at best practice from other authorities;
  • Highlight that green technologies and new economic opportunities as part of an environmental sustainability should be a fundamental part of the Mid Wales Growth deal.