A PETITION has been launched to oppose the proposed development of the Frochas broiler chicken unit near Welshpool.

The Change.org petition is called ‘Protect the Welsh countryside. Say no to a chicken broiler unit, pollution and endless traffic’ and currently has more than 100 signatures.

The petition describes the “vibrant” town of Welshpool and the “extremely precious” countryside which surrounds it and then goes on to say: “It is here, in this untouched beauty, that a proposed major development of an industrial chicken broiler (intensive poultry unit, IPU) will potentially turn out over one million chickens per year at Frochas Farm.

“Please sign this petition to help save this unpolluted green countryside which is home to not only a lot of people, but equally important, a happy and thriving wildlife community.”

A bullet point list of reasons to oppose the proposed development is then given, including odour, air pollution, light and traffic.

The petition also encourages people to write to Welshpool Town Councillor for Llanerchyddol, Graham Breeze, to express their concerns and objections.

The petition can be viewed online here.