WELSH language immersive units known as "unedau trochi" should be part of the schools core funding according to a councillor.

Plaid Cymru county councillor for Llanwddyn, Bryn Davies, took his argument to the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, January 15.

There Powys County Council's cabinet took the decision to pass the new formula.

Director of Education Ian Budd and eduction portfolio holder Cllr Myfanwy Alexander (Independent - Banwy) pointed out that there was a mobile team of Welsh language teaching expert who went out to pupils all over the county.

Cllr Davies, argued: "If parents don't decide that their child enters the Welsh language stream at the age of three years old, there's no opportunity for them to become bilingual in Powys.

"There needs to be system that allows them to come into the system at the age of 11 or each year.

"The funding formula need to take Welsh language into account and it doesn't do that in my opinion.

"There should be a funding stream for those who decide to go for 'trochi'.

"It was successful in the past we had units in north (Powys) and the south (Powys), but it was dependent on grant funding that comes and goes.

"It needs to be part of this core education provision."

Cllr Alexander said: "I am very supportive of rural schools such as Llanwddyn.

"These are where the Welsh language is strongest and it's important that Welsh is not a second language but the natural language used in these communities."

Cllr Alexander explained that at Llanerfyl Primary School, where she is a governor, she saw two youngsters from England, take part in the Christmas service.

"By now one is a fluent Welsh speaker and the second one three quarters the way there," said Cllr Alexander.

Cllr Alexander, continued: "If it's needed we send someone out to teach them.

"There's no point in having a language unit if it does not have the numbers."

Mr Budd said: "The need is less predictable in Powys, the provision is centrally sourced and staffed, that is deployed to support the youngster where they turn up for education."

"If we wish to change the trochi provision if there was sufficient demand in a specific area to create a unit.

"We have that discussion at the Welsh in Education Strategic Forum."

Cllr Alexander added that in other authorities such as Gwynedd, Welsh language units have been part of the discussion for cuts and were under threat.

Cllr Alexander said: "This is no point us putting things in, which are a wish list."

"The message going from this meeting is very much, this is what we can afford."

Cllr Davies, continued:"It could be applied to core provision, if all schools were given the option.

"Those who opt out don't get the cash.

"It's not something we're trying to change, it existed it was proved to be a success."

"I would be very appreciative of having a proper discussion on this."

Mr Budd answered that this would be the case.