Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies says he believes the prime minister is likely to lose the vote on her Brexit deal next week.

Mr Davies told BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement programme that it is "very unlikely" Mrs May will win the vote.

"I hope MPs accept that the withdrawal agreement is best way to respect the 2016 people’s vote," he said.

"If not, we should seek amendments to the deal, and vote again in February. And also now commit 100 per cent in preparation for leaving with no agreement.

"She's been working very hard trying to change minds.

"My own assessment is that she is likely to lose that vote, and she may well then do as Jeremy Corbyn has suggested and go back to the EU to seek changes to that."

The debate on Theresa May's proposed Brexit deal will restart on Wednesday, with the crucial vote now expected to take place on January 15.