Rail campaigners who held a 'day of action' on the Cambrian Line last week say rail fare rises are unacceptable - and have called for increased bi-lingual signage as part of Transport for Wales proposed station revamps.

Shrewsbury and Atcham Constituency Labour Party took part in a national day of action on Monday, January 7 in response to an increase in rail fares and continual disruption on the region’s trains. Leaflets and newsletters were handed out to rail users outside Shrewsbury Station at peak times during the day and party members spoke to the public about their experiences.

A spokesperson for the group said: "We have welcomed the changes that Transport For Wales have said they will make but at the moment it just seems like more of the same from the privatised rail system. There doesn’t even seem to be bilingual signage, which is arguably a basic obligation for a train service operating in Wales.

"What should be a straightforward journey to work for commuters on the line from North and Mid Wales through to Shrewsbury and Telford and on to Birmingham is turning into a lottery because you can never be sure that you’ll get there on time. Naturally, this impacts on the mental health of hard working commuters who are totally powerless to do anything about their situation.

"What’s unacceptable is that despite the disruption, rail fares have risen again by a further 3.1% in 2019, adding hundreds of pounds to the annual rail fare for regular users. Capping fares and implementing a high quality service that works for everyone has to be the way forward."