A COUNCILLOR is calling for the true "unsanitised" situation on Powys Council's budget to be made public.

Unaligned county councillor Gary Price, who represents Llandrindod North , believes the information being made public by Powys County Council (PCC) has been heavily "sanitised".

He believes that lists outlining more than £9 million pounds of cuts that were sent out as a press  statement, should have had more detail.

Cllr Price, who left the Conservative group in 2018, said:  “We’ve had a number of budget seminars to discuss the details around the proposed savings that are being promoted by the PCC Cabinet.

"However the council's communication’s department has released the same information but with specific details in the brief description box being heavily sanitised.

"At a time when the general public are rightly sceptical at politicians and politics it’s incumbent that we are open and transparent with the information put into the public domain regardless of how uncomfortable it may be in trying to justify them to the public.”

Cllr Price added: “At a time when the cabinet, and administration are going to propose an inflation busting Council Tax hike I call on them to re–release this information with the same that County Councillors have received."

A spokesman for Powys County Council explained that the information made public may have been "generalised to avoid identifying individuals".

The proposals will go back to cabinet for a decision before being discussed at Full Council meetings towards the end of February or early March.