Brecon and Radnor MP Chris Davies says opponents to Brexit are attempting to "tie the Prime Minister's hands" over a no-deal scenario.

Speaking this week Mr Davies said pro-remain MP's were attempting to undermine the government's Brexit deal and were making it harder for the country to be competitive following Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

"There are more amendments going forward by pro-EU MPs who are refusing to accept the result. They are using every parliamentary procedure to tie the Prime Minister’s hands and block all routes leading to a no deal exit," he said.

"I believe these politicians are willing to risk damaging the UK economy if we have to leave on a no-deal, in an attempt to show the public that the UK will be worse off outside the European Union.

"Then they will continue to undermine Brexit and attempt to change public opinion and then campaign for a second referendum which they believe they will win.

"This is a well-funded and co-ordinated plan involving those who have never accepted the referendum result."

The debate on Theresa May's proposed Brexit deal will restart on Wednesday, with the crucial vote now expected to take place on January 15.