A WELSHPOOL County Councillor has urged objectors to plans for a 150,000-capacity chicken farm to make their feelings known quickly.

Residents have fears over the impact that the major development of an intensive broiler unit and silos at Frochas Farm will have and have been contacting Llanerchyddol Ward Councillor Graham Breeze.

“The proposed development is just over a mile from Welshpool town centre and residents at neighbouring properties feel it may have a direct impact on homes and businesses in terms of ammonia emissions, pollution, manure odour, waste, house and land value, noise pollution and an increase in heavy vehicle traffic,” said Councillor Breeze.

Roger Parry & Partners, representing the developers JT Owen & Co, have informed residents they have until January 11 to make their opinions known to a published consultation document. It is claimed the facility would provide an economic boost for the area with more than one million chickens produced every year.

“Although the farm business is successfully run, the business is always looking at diversification, especially given the beef and sheep sectors being hit financially in recent years,” the applications states.

“The proposal is a farm diversification scheme for JT Owen & Co and is a sustainable economic development as supported by national, regional and local planning policy.”

Councillor Breeze said: “While this proposal is not yet at planning application stage the pre-planning consultation document gives everyone the chance to study the scheme and voice their opinions at an early stage, so I would urge everyone interested to do exactly that before Friday’s deadline.

“I would also urge people to attend a meeting of Welshpool Town Council’s planning committee on January 16 (at 7.15pm) when the consultation document will be discussed.

“Anyone wishing to oppose or indeed support the proposed development will have the opportunity if a full planning application is made to Powys County Council.”

A general letter (see below) has been sent out to residents and businesses that is signed by "The residents of Llanerchydol"

Dear Businesses in Welshpool

Roger Parry & Partners has informed residents of a proposed pre-planning application for the major development and construction of an intensive broiler unit and silos for a 150,000-capacity industrial chicken unit at Frochas Farm, Welshpool, producing over 1 million chickens per year.

This intensive poultry unit (broiler) is proposed to be built 1 mile from Welshpool high street and may have a direct impact on residents, homes and businesses in terms of ammonia emissions, pollution, manure odour, waste, house and land value, noise pollution and a dramatic increase in heavy vehicle traffic.


An industrial chicken broiler of this major size could have a serious impact on property and land values and business in the area.

The broiler will need to be serviced by 44-tonne trucks (HGVs), possibly daily, and this could be at any hours of the day or night. Obviously, that would dramatically increase traffic congestion and pollution on roads through and around Welshpool.

Industrial intensive broiler chicken units are known for serious amounts of ammonia, dust and chicken manure odours, and this may lead to intense smells being blown into the centre of Welshpool and surrounding areas, which would make it very unpleasant for residents, shoppers, visitors and tourists.

Ammonia is also a recognised cause of lung, throat, eye and skin irritation and disease, and poses serious medical and health risks (as cited by the WHO).

The proposed site would also have a serious impact on footpaths through and around Llanerchydol, Llanerchydol Park, Frochas and Glyndwr’s Way, and visitors and shoppers to Dingles Nursery & Gardens.

ACTION: TOWN HALL MEETING – Wednesday January 16, 2019, at 7.00pm

A Town Hall meeting has been scheduled to discuss the proposed industrial poultry unit and pre-consultation, and the significant impact this would have on residents and businesses. It will be an open discussion forum and Welshpool Town Council welcomes anyone to attend and voice their opinions. Councillors have made it clear that they want to hear from as many members of the community as possible at this meeting.

Residents of Llanerchydol and Frochas will be attending to firmly object this proposed plan.

People attending that may have restricted mobility are advised to arrive early as the elevator is slow and the staircase to the room is long and steep.

Anyone has the right to object to this development that greatly impacts the whole Welshpool community and wider environment. If possible, please attend this meeting and voice your opinion.

Many thanks.

Residents of Llanerchydol

via email at llanerchydolresidents@gmail.com