Llandrindod Foodbank has a problem, and one it has never had before: it has too much food.

There was a huge surge in donations over the Christmas period, with the foodbank receiving an extra 550kgs of donated food this December compared to 2017.

The foodbank is very grateful for the amount of donations it has received, which have made a huge difference to many people and families this Christmas. However, it does not have enough room to store the 2,328.3kgs of food donations it has received and is now looking for places nearby where it can keep some of its stock.

This Christmas the foodbank received donations from its usual collection points as well as from a number of different places, such as a playgroup in Llanbister and departments from within Powys County Council.

Tessa Bradley, the foodbank manager, said: “I want to say a huge thank you to everyone out there who donated this year.

“Without the generosity of the general public many families would have gone hungry this Christmas.”

Llandrindod Foodbank has been able to deliver around 90 special Christmas hampers this year, alongside its normal food packages, some even containing crackers, due to the surge in donations in December.

“We have been able to provide that sort of thing to everybody who has come rather than starting to give out things and running out,” said Tessa.

In February and March, there is usually a drop-off in donations, but with the amount of food received in December, the foodbank won’t have this problem in 2019. There are mountains of baked beans and pasta in storage.

“We have enough to see us through,” said Tessa.

“We have had storage problems but we don’t want to discourage people from giving! It will certainly help us through the slower months.”

n IF you have room to store food supplies near to Llandrindod Foodbank, which is based at: The Basement, Crescent Chambers, in Llandrindod Wells, then contact its manager, Tessa Bradley on: info@llandrindod.foodbank.org.uk.