Natural Resources Wales is proposing to alter a Site of Special Scientific Interest near Llanidloes.

Coedydd y Beili, Malgwyn a Cribin is of special interest as an extensive area of upland oak woodland displaying a variety of vegetation and structural types and great variety of woodland plants including many ferns mosses and liverworts. The woodland has been a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1985.

It is located around four miles west of Llanidloes in the valley of Nant Bronfelen and covers an area of 25.27 hectares.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) want to include:

  • additional land
  • remove areas no longer considered to be of special interest
  • amend the site description
  • list of potentially damaging operations
  • a statement on its views about the management of the land to reflect the changes

Coedydd y Beili, Malgwyn a Cribin is one of 239 Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Powys which have special status as protected areas because of their natural importance. The woodland consists of two main sections separated by an area of coniferous plantation.

Land that becomes a Site of Special Scientific Interest does not give the public the right to access it.

NRW says it is a requirement for all owners and occupiers to tell them of certain operations such as cultivation, tree management and recreational activities to name a few which could damage the special interest of the site. Failure to inform them could constitute an offence.

Anyone with an interest in the land has until April 6, 2019 to respond to NRW.

David Lee, Natural Resources management team leader said:

“Sites of Special Scientific Interest are special places which provide a home to some of our rarest and most valuable plants and wildlife.

“Coedydd y Beili, Malgwyn a Cribin provides a protected habitat for broadleaved semi natural woodland and looking after it is one of our key roles.

“To do this we work with the landowners to make sure the area is managed in a way that will safeguard the plants and animals which live there, securing their future at this special site.”

Full details including a map and a list of potentially damaging operations can be obtained from NRW, Unit 17B, Severn Farm Industrial Estate, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 7DF.