THREE Powys County Councillors are under investigation by the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

A spokesman for the Ombudsman has confirmed that councillors David Price, (Independent, Llanafanfawr), Elwyn Vaughan (Plaid Cymru, Glantwymyn) and Gwilym Williams (Conservative, Disserth and Trecoed) were still being investigated for complaints made against each other.

Cllrs Vaughan and Williams made a complaint against Cllr Price.

Cllr Price then  in turn complained about the pair.

The issues surround planning committee chairman and current Powys High Sheriff David Price's caravan site.

In July 2018 he was given a certificate of lawfulness for 28 caravan pitches for his family business, Noyadd Farm, near Builth Wells.

Evidence showed that the site had run with 28 pitches without the certificate for a number of years.

Under Caravan Club rules he was only allowed to have five pitches.

This followed an internal investigation into the caravan site by PCC.

Complaints had been made by other caravan site owners that Cllr Price was flouting planning regulations.

At a planning committee meeting in July, both Cllrs Gwilym Williams, and Elwyn Vaughan had wanted the application decided by another local authority.

They believed that Cllr Price, as a former chairman of the planning committee, should have known that he needed to change the status of the caravan park.

Cllr Elwyn Vaughan went as far as calling for Cllr Price's resignation.

After Cllr Price was given the certificate of lawfulness, he complained that both councillors were "harassing him" due to the negative publicity surrounding him.

Cllr Price has said that the "harassment" has had a detrimental affect on his and his wife's health.

But both Cllrs Vaughan and Williams have said that his continued membership of the planning committee makes a "mockery" of the council.

A spokesperson for the Public Services Ombudsman said: "I can confirm the Ombudsman has received complaints against Powys County Councillors and the matters are under investigation."

All three councillors refused to comment on the allegations for fear of prejudicing the investigation.