A LIST that highlights where Powys County Council (PCC) has identified issues that could cause reputational or financial damage, will be re-branded.

PCC's cabinet has passed a decision which will create multiple lists of problems.

The Corporate Risk Register, will now be known as the 'Strategic Risk Register.'

Some risks that are on the current list will now be held on Service (departmental) Risk Registers.

These changes are supposed to: "Provide Greater Clarity of the Risks which should be escalated from Service Level, and ensure that the corporate/strategic risk remains focussed and fit for purpose."

Independent County Councillor for Llangynidr, and Council Leader,Rosemarie Harris said: "There will always be risks, and new ones coming on to our agenda.

"We are constantly updating and reviewing and improving the way we manage risk and bought some software to help us.

"Risk have to be managed within all the county council services.

"They all keep a risk register and the software will help them do that in an easier manner.

"We found we had too many risks that have been identified as corporate."

Cllr Harris explained that the ones for the new Risk Register were to be the "bigger more threatening risks," that need to be put in one place.

PCC risk assurance manager, Caroline Evans, said: "We need to ensure we have a manageable and fit for purpose risk register to safeguard the council.

"Currently it's diluted.

"Rebranding the corporate risk register to the strategic risk register will clarify to officers that these ones should be of strategic nature, cutting across the organisation."

Education portfolio holder and Independent County Councillor for Banwy, Myfanwy Alexander made and observation: "If you put the changes of how the council performance is being put together. Plus the quality assurance and the risk register, then we are seeing a step-change in the way the council is being managed.

"We need to know what it is we are doing. What is working well and where we need to improve.

"We can be more confident now because of the systems that are being put in place."

The report considered by the cabinet has 28 identified risks.

Under the changes, 12  risks will remain as strategic risks, one will be removed and 15 passed down to service level.

Rated as the only  "Very High" risk on the current register is: Adult Social Care - Ensuring an adequate professional workforce in light of the projected demographics of Powys which suggest a significant increase in older people.

Adult and Children's Services figure as risks several more times.

Y Gaer - the £14million Brecon Culture Hub was identified as a risk back in 2016.

Some other risks date as far back as 2012.