ALLOWING staff to work in an "agile" manner has justified spending £34,000 on upgrading the canteen at County Hall, Llandrindod Wells.

And a Freedom of Information Request on the topic, found that £11,000 of that had been spent on tables and chairs by Powys County Council.

After receiving the information, Jackie Owen a member of the Llanidloes Plaid Cymru Branch is calling on Powys County Council to "cut your cloth" according to circumstances.

Jackie said: “At a time of austerity for all. Of cuts after cuts by Powys Council.

"Of threats of further substantial increases in rates for Powys residents, to understand that they have spent over £34,000 on the canteen at County Hall, £11,000 of that on tables and chairs whilst the ones there were fine, is putting salt in the wound, shows insensitivity and sends the wrong message out.

“It is a sad irony that Powys residents are under pressure to put food on the table, yet Powys Council can seem to afford new tables at huge expense.

"It is well known that this is only one room and that there’s work happening throughout the building which must beg the question what the total cost is and how it can be justified at this time.”

Conservative County Councillor for Blaen Hafren, Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Property, said: “To make better use of the space in County Hall, we have provided an agile work space in the restaurant in County Hall.

"This has allowed staff to agile work and hold informal meetings before and after lunchtime.

“As part of this, we have bought new furniture which would meet our agile working requirements but also allow diners to eat in comfort.

"The old furniture was either re-used by the council or provided to schools and community organisations.

“General improvements works were also carried out in the canteen which saw the lighting and ceiling replaced.

"The improvements will reduce energy consumption and also reduce ongoing maintenance costs.”