People in Montgomeryshire are urged to look out for their elderly or vulnerable neighbours following a spate of rogue trader reports in the area.

Police have received reports of people being approached to have roofing repairs carried out, with some sadly paying in the thousands for sub-standard work.

PC Jim Baines said: “We are warning people not to accept offers for repairs to be done on their homes, but more importantly we are asking people to look out for their vulnerable neighbours.

“Please contact police if you are suspicious of people doing work on houses in your area – particularly those of elderly residents.

“The reports I have dealt with have been in relation to roofing repairs, but they could range from work to drives, windows, or any odd jobs around the home.

“I would appeal for anyone in the area who has been recently approached in this way to contact police so that we may take the appropriate action.”

You can also take steps to protect yourself by following the guidelines below:

• If in doubt, keep them out.

• Don’t sign on the spot

• Don't get taken in by sales banter or high pressure selling techniques.

• Always shop around for the best price

• Talk to someone you trust for a second opinion

• Avoid handing over money before work is started.

• Think very carefully before you agree to a trader starting any work straight away

• Trust your instincts - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

And finally ... it’s OK to say no. Remember it’s your doorstep and your decision. If you feel pressured for any reason ask the person to leave.

If anyone has concerns in relation to rogue traders, cold callers or any suspicious activity at their home please give the police a ring on 101.