Hafod Hardware in Rhayader is back with another Christmas advert, and it already has over 25,000 views.

'Making Houses Homes' was released last Friday, November 23, and features owner Tom Jones making a miniature version of the shop for his window display; and he filmed and edited it all himself.

The family-owned business first produced a festive advert in 2017, and it soon went viral. "Last year we had amazing feedback. We had hundreds and thousands of views on social media," said Tom."People would come in [the shop] every day and mention it," he said.

A couple of months ago customers started asking if the shop was going to do a Christmas advert this year, but Tom's instinctive reaction was no. His friend, filmmaker Josh Holdaway, who helped to produce the 2017 advert, had moved away to Austria.

"A few weeks ago, I thought, 'I've got to do the window display anyway'...

I had this idea, and I thought I would give it a go," Tom said.

Tom's grandparents, Alun and Pauline Lewis, who own the shop with him, were instantly keen on Tom's idea; and two weeks later, the video was released.

"I filmed and edited the whole thing myself," Tom said. "It was painstaking. It took a lot of time, two weeks from start to finish," he said.

Tom's son, Arthur, who is now almost two, makes an appearance in this year's video - just as he did last year. "I thought as it was coming to the end of the film I wanted my son little boy in it again. He was the star of the show last year," Tom said.

However, this year, another member of Tom's little family made an appearance: "I wanted my wife in too," he said.

Tom said: "I wanted people to see that we are a real family business with a real family behind it."

At the end of the video Tom is shown with his wife Laura, who is holding up their little boy, as they look in at their shop's Christmas window display.

"When we grows up I want to show him the videos, and for him to think what a cool dad he has," Tom said.

Dozens of positive comments have already been left below the video on social media, with many people saying that it rivals John Lewis' Christmas advert.

Josh said: "I think some of those commercial ones lose the sense of what's important." "We just wanted to put a smile on your face," he said.

Now that Hafod's has created its second Christmas advert, the festive video may become an annual tradition. "We want to keep our customers and it's good for the the town of Rhayader," Tom said. Tom has already been in discussions with his friend Josh, who he made the original video with, with what to do for next year.