POWYS Councillors will be deciding an planning application that would allow gypsies and travellers a place to stay while visiting the Royal Welsh Show.

Carol Gittins has applied for changing the used of Ysgiog Field in Builth Wells from agricultural use to a temporary stopping site for two weeks every year for five years.

Powys has been using the site with the landowner's approval since 2014.

A site management document shows that the authority is required legally to provide a site for travellers.

The document states: "For more than 30 years gypsies and travellers have traditionally gathered in Builth Wells for a fortnight period for the purpose of attending the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show.

"This is a time for families to travel to meet socially with their extended families from all over Wales and the United Kingdom to embrace their culture and ethnicity and pass their customs on to the younger generation."

A project team provides welfare facilities to allow the families access to clean water and sanitation facilities as well as disposing of rubbish during the two week period.

If there is no camp-site there are fear would be problems in the area according to the document.

They add: "It is well known that any gypsy and traveller site whether permanent or temporary or just a stoppable place for a short duration of time can be a contentious issue, but there are significant benefits to providing an official temporary stopping place during the Royal Welsh Show, these include:

Improved Community Relations

Less Impact on Police Resources

Better facilities for the families staying on the site

Easier to monitor

Caravans paying for access contribute to providing the site

Families have built a relationship with landowner

Planning officer Rhys Evans recommends conditional consent in the report.

Mr Evans said in the report: "Having carefully considered the proposed development, officers consider that the proposal fundamentally complies with relevant planning policy.

"The recommendation is therefore conditional consent."