Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies has offered his backing for one his predecessors in a potential run for president of a Baltic state.

Last week it was widely reported that Mr Opik was considering a run for president of Estonia, where his parents came from, and claims he was asked to run for the non-partisan job while in Talinn on business.

Speaking last week, he said he was "100% Estonian", despite being born in Northern Ireland.

"If called upon to serve my nation in such a way it would be my honour. It’s got to be the right time and it’s got to be what Estonia wants, but I’m interested in the possibility," he added.

Now Glyn Davies has added some words of encouragement to the bid and has even offered to help out on his campaign, which could see Opik, aged 53, as the figurehead of 1.3m Estonians.

Should be be successful it would see him juggling multiple political roles, having been elected as one of 147 new Members of Parliament for Asgardia, the “first space nation”.

"See my old friend, Lembit Opik could be running for President of Estonia, where he has strong family connections," said Mr Davies in a Facebook post last week.

"He should go for it. Estonian politics is supposedly non-partisan, which I think would suit Lembit well. And it would go well with his elected position as Chair of Space Kingdom Asgardia - a micronation formed by the group who launched the satellite Asgardia.

"I’m hoping to meet up with him soon and I might offer to campaign for him, when over in Estonia myself on EU business."