GLYN Davies MP held a coffee morning with his constituents last week, as he often does, only this time it was held under a title: ‘We Love Our Libraries’.

This was Mr Davies’ way of expressing his support for Welshpool Library, and the campaign to save it; as Powys County Council plans to relocate it within the Powysland Museum.

Speaking at the coffee morning on Friday, November 2, Mr Davies said: “I’m horrified that the library here in Welshpool could close”.

The Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire said that he is cautious in speaking out about the plans when he has not seen what Powys County Council is dealing with.

However, he continued to speak out against the merger.

“The plan I have seen at the moment... I just think we are effectively closing the library,” he said.

He told the coffee morning that he thinks libraries are hugely valuable resources, and that he uses the one available to him in Parliament all the time. “I would like the people of Welshpool to have that,” he said.

The MP also said that he thinks the council should share the decision with the public, especially when that decision is so controversial.

He said: “We (the Conservative government) are always doing things that are unpopular, but we can’t do that without discussion.”

Mr Davies also praised the “efforts made” to “egg on the town’s people”.

More than 2,500 people have now signed the paper petition to save Welshpool Library, it was announced at Welshpool Town Council last week.

Brian Timmis, who started the petition, attended the full council meeting and revealed the new total as he put questions to the council alongside other campaigners.

An online version of the petition was also created on

The group campaigning to save Welshpool Library also attended Glyn Davies’ charity coffee morning.

All funds from Glyn Davies’ coffee morning, which took place at the Corn Exchange in Welshpool Town Hall, went to Severn Hospice.