Eluned Morgan, one of the candidates to lead the Labour Party in Wales, will renounce her membership of the House of Lords if she's elected as the First Minister in Wales.

Baroness Morgan of Ely, AM for Mid and West Wales, was appointed to the House of Lords in 2011 and was responsible for leading for Labour in the House of Lords on the EU Referendum Bill and on each of the Wales Bills.

But she says she will give up her seat in the Lords if she succeeds Carywn Jones as First Minister, and admitted she had attended on "very few occasions" since being elected to the Welsh Assembly.

“I am aware that many people in Wales would not wish someone with a title being in charge of the country and therefore I will give up my seat in the second chamber if I am elected as First Minister," she said.

“I am proud of what I have managed to achieve for Wales through my membership of the House of Lords since being appointed in 2011 from supporting gay marriage rights to leading the fight on the trade union bill and gaining more powers for Wales leading on two Wales Bills. I was also proud to serve on Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench on Foreign Affairs matters.

“I have been clear since joining the Lords that I would wish to see the second chamber in Westminster reformed into a democratic chamber representing the nations and regions of the UK, a case that I will continue to make this case as First Minister.

“Since being elected to the Assembly I have attended the Lords on very few occasions. I have not claimed the daily allowance unless it was for costs incurred from hotels and travel.”

The National Assembly for Wales has recently suggested that it will require members of the Lords to take formal leave of absence if they are elected members of the Assembly.