The NHS celebrated its 70th birthday this year, but will the national treasure make it to 100? A decade of austerity with uncertainty with Brexit cherry on top has brought her to her knees. Dr Phil Hammond charts the course of Nye Bevan’s beautiful baby from 1948 to as long as she lasts.

Celebrate 70 years of the NHS and rebuild it to your liking with Dr Phil Hammond at the Wyeside Arts Centre on November 22.

Join the NHS doctor and acclaimed BBC broadcaster as he explains the history of the NHS and invites his audiences to come up with suggestions on how to improve it.

He’ll debate, add his own ideas, and cast votes, until eventually the audience is left with The People’s Plan which he guarantees will make more sense than anything that comes out of the government.

Dr Hammond recently announced his endorsement from the National Health Action Party as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate at the next general election for his home constituency of North East Somerset who's MP is Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Phil Hammond was an NHS GP for 20 years, having worked in areas from sexual health to a specialist NHS team for young people with chronic fatigue. He has been an outspoken supporter of junior doctors in their current dispute with the English government and has supported a High Court challenge to determine the legality of Jeremy Hunt’s power to impose a contract against their wishes.

As a Private Eye journalist, he broke the story of the Bristol heart scandal in 1992, gave evidence to the public inquiry and was shortlisted for the Martha Gelhorn Prize for investigative journalism for his Private Eye special report on the shocking treatment of NHS whistle-blowers – Shoot the Messenger (2012).

He first appeared at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1990 as half of the junior doctor double-act Struck Off and Die, with Tony Gardner. He has appeared on Have I Got News for You, The News Quiz, The Now Show and Question Time.

Dr Hammond explains: “I have promised to give this my best shot. My philosophy is that ‘health for all’ should be the political consideration and ambition that overrides all others. Without health – our freedom to live a life that we have reason to value – then life itself seems pretty pointless. And politicians should relentlessly focus on adding value to all our lives rather than settling their petty personal rivalries.”