A HISTORIC building in Llandrindod Wells will be demolished to make room for a car park and new bus interchange.

Powys County Council's planning committee approved the application to demolish the former Eric Evans Car Sales building on Station Crescent.

The council itself put forward the application, which was backed by planning officers, to build shelters and cycle racks at the location which also includes a bus interchange.

Part will become a car park for NHS staff working at the nearby Llandrindod Wells War Memorial Hospital.

Cllr Jon Williams who was representing his ward when he spoke at the meeting, said: "It's been a good shed, built in 1865 for what was railway sidings for Llandrindod when it was a thriving railway hub.

"As a young lad we did used to play in it as it was derelict.

"In the 1980s Eric Evans took it on and did it up and ran a successful car business from there, unfortunately he retired.

"The building was put up for sale and there has been no interest whatsoever, and there were fears that it would become derelict.

"Luckily funding has come along to develop and improve it.

"I have listened to everyone's concerns in the area, for and against.

On the negative there is a bit of sentimentality about it, so I have had representations against it.

"But there's more in favour to have it removed and turned into a car park.

"There will be a much needed bus interchange as part of the development.

"Even those objecting have said it would benefit Llandrindod and remove buses from the road which is an issue.

"Most people in the ward (Llandrindod East/West) are in favour."

Principal planning officer, Tamsin Law said that ecology and highways had been consulted and offered no objections.

It would also help people get out of using their cars.

Ms Law said: "New transport infrastructure is required to provide sustainable forms of transport, and this form of infrastructure forms that link with a cycle shelter a

"Clwyd and Powys Archaeology Trust have asked for a photograph to be taken of the building before it's demolished so that a record of the building can be kept.

Cllr E Michael Jones, said: "We've heard from the local member, he's very supportive and it makes sense, private parking for the hospital staff will free up the hospital car park for visitors.

"It's an excellent idea and I propose we go with the officer's recommendation."

The application was passed unopposed.