DRAGONS are more usually associated with breathing fire, but Draigi the little Welsh dragon can sing tots to sleep and soothe homesick adults yearning for Wales!

Awena Walkden, and her husband Baron, have designed the cuddly red toy after spotting a gap in the market.

The couple previously designed a toy which would sing songs in Welsh, after they couldn't find anything similar to buy for their children Cari Mon, now three, and Mabon who is 17 months old.

County Times:

The Draigi singing dragons

Awena said: "We wanted our daughter Cari Mon to have a singing Welsh toy, she loved me singing her to sleep every night in Welsh, her native language."

The couple set up their own company Si-lwli Cymru Cyf. They designed a cuddly star toy, which sang nursery rhymes. The success of 'Seren Swynol,' gave them the confidence to develop their trade marked cuddly red dragon, DRAIGI™ who sings four Welsh songs, including the national anthem.

Awena, who is a local authority solicitor, and Baron who is a health and safety manager for Glanbia Cheese, run their online company from their Menai Bridge home.

Draigi, is fast becoming popular not only with children, but with Welsh learners, expats and rugby fans.

Awena said: "We wanted to create a toy that captured our love for our country, our love for singing, and our love for celebration!

County Times:

Awena Walkden with her Draigi singing dragon

"We really hope that Draigi will help keep Welsh anthems alive for centuries to come by ensuring the younger and (older generations) of Wales are fully familiar with them, and know the words off by heart by the time they attend (or watch) the next Six Nations rugby match!

Draigi sings Hen Wlad fy Nhadau, Calon lân, Sosban Fach, and Ar Hyd y Nos.

Awena added "These songs have been sung by the Welsh with passion, love, and every so often with a belly full of beer for many centuries!

"The red dragon is the international symbol of our country – so what better toy could we make, than a red dragon that sings our songs!"

Draigi was initially developed with babies and children up to the age of 8 or 9 in mind.

"But he is becoming more and more popular with adults of all ages!" Awena said.

"A lot of the Welsh learner adults love him. Many adults have already pre-ordered a Draigi as they love the songs, and want to play them, with him sat on the mantelpiece!"

"It has also been very popular with international Welsh expats who miss their homeland. Draigi helping to ease “hiraeth” - the longing - for Wales, and gives them a sense of connection to home."

Already 600 Draigis have been sold, with half of the introductory stock sold in a week!

Awena added "Setting up the business has been tough, working late into the night designing the prototype, arranging safety tests and marketing, and saving and borrowing the finance we needed to make it all happen. But has all been worth it."

Draigi is available for pre-order at the introductory price of £20. The couple's online shop is www.silwlicymru.co.uk