ENTERPRISE House at Bishops Castle continues to need support as its three year contract with Shropshire Council comes to an end.

To help keep the facilities going and re-new the vital council funding, centre manager Mike Ashwell is asking people who use Enterprise House to send him an email in support.

It is the home of Enterprise South West Shropshire, a social enterprise providing business support to more than 200 square miles of rural south west Shropshire as well as managing Bishops Castle Library, the town’s SpArC theatre and the Village Outreach scheme which hires out a huge range of equipment to local groups,village halls, businesses all over the area.

“It would help if you have any supportive comments that we could use to persuade the council that, in our rural setting, with poor communications and transport links to the major centres, the services that Enterprise House provides are important not only to businesses but to the community in general,” said Mr Ashwell.

“We always have to do a bit of negotiating to secure the next contract. If you could email manager@enterprisehouse.org.uk we would be most grateful,” said Mr Ashwell.

Enterprise House offers IT services and information as well as training and office support to local businesses and also meeting and office space generally.

The potential loss of the facilities comes despite Enterprise House volunteers having been recognised by the town council with one of its civic awards this year for their work which includes providing the staff help for events at the town’s SpArC theatre.

Town Mayor Cllr Jane Carroll also presented a civic award, specifically Castle Town Council Civic Awards, to the staff and volunteers at the SpArC Theatre which was accepted by Julia Parker on behalf of more than 30 theatre volunteers.

It came in recognition of their efforts to sustain the running of the theatre which provides a varied and exciting programme of arts events for people of all ages.

Theatre manager Liz Still has been praised for her enthusiasm and energy by SpArC arts group chairman Richard Whately who said: “We have a remarkably gifted theatre manager in LizShe has gathered over two dozen committed and skilful volunteers who are incredibly dedicated. There could not be a better example of how running things locally, involving local people, produces success.”

Enterprise South West Shropshire chairman Peter Phillips added his congratulations to Liz Still saying: “A few years ago, ESWS took over the management of the theatre, which was facing closure. The extraordinary success since then has won the Civic Award specifically for the staff and volunteers. Ticket sales have soared and the theatre has developed special relationships with the community college and local care homes.”

n This year’s civic awards also included an individual community award to Simon Array Palmer, of Bishops Castle Cricket Club, for his tireless work in encouraging children to play sports, particularty cricket, arranging competitions and events at town festivals to encourage the children to take part in the sport.

Mr Palmer said the cricket club had attracted more than 50 children during the summer, many of whom he hoped would go on to play as juniors.

The mayor said the team of volunteers at the SpArC Theatre and Mr Palmer were worthy of recognition for their dedication and enthusiasm.