A Newtown animal welfare group has issued a warning to cat-owners over a spate of poisoning incidents in the town.

Volunteers at cat rescue organisation Kellys Kat Rescue say they have started to notice a 'pattern' of anti-freeze poisoning incidents in the Vaynor area of town, although they say Trehafren has also seen a number of similar events in the past.

And they have now appealed to the community to ensure anyone who might be poisoning people's pets is stopped in their tracks.

"There has been a spate of cat deaths due to antifreeze poisoning in Newtown over many years and we have started to notice a pattern of this happening," said a spokesperson.

"In recent months the Vaynor area has been victim to cat deaths due to poisoning and in the past Trehafren and other areas in Newtown have lost cats to this - these animal die awful, very painful deaths.

"After looking into recent and historical cat deaths by poisoning in Newtown a pattern is emerging to suggest that this is not accidental. The community of Newtown now ask that whoever is doing this to stop this awful act of cruelty before you are found out as if these people are found they will be known to the town and in the media and they will be prosecuted.

"We will not tolerate this in our town. All of the authorities have been spoken to to ensure we put an end to this."

County Councillor for Newtown East, Cllr Joy Jones, said she was aware of the problem and it was a "cruel and unforgivable thing" to do.

She also reminded people to keep antifreeze stored out of the way of children and animals to prevent accidental poisonings.

"I know cats accidentally drink antifreeze but I'm also aware that people use it purposely to poison cats," she said.

"This is unforgivable, it may only be a cat to you but to it's owner it is part of their family and it maybe the only family some people have. If you know anyone doing this please report it, this is a cruel and unforgivable thing to do and needs to be stopped."

Anyone with further information has been urged to contact the RSPCA or Newtown Police Station on 101.