Montgomeryshire AM Russell George has welcome the awarding of Welsh Government funding to create a Business Improvement District for the town.

Earlier this week it was announced that businesses in Newtown will receive a share of £260,000 of Welsh Government funding aimed at boosting the local economy and supporting regeneration.

So-called business improvement districts(BIDs) involves businesses making a financial contribution which is then used to fund the agreed activities set out in their business plan. These could include marketing, promotion and events, car parking, tackling anti-social behaviour, improving access to towns, or work to make the area more vibrant and viable.

Mr George, who also runs a high street business in Newtown, said he was delighted that the town would be able to press ahead with the scheme, which would help "put Newtown on the map".

"A business improvement district for the town will be a great opportunity for businesses to work together towards a common goal. I think a combined lobbying voice will help with marketing the town and putting Newtown on the map," he said.

"I had previously called for the Welsh Government to provide funding for Business Improvement Districts, so I’m delighted that Newtown has secured the funding to take a proposal forward.

"Any proposal will have to have a clear majority of support from business and it will be important that businesses are persuaded that proposals will lead to increased foot-fall and spend in the town. A Proposal must demonstrate to businesses that any money they pay into a scheme will lead to an overall financial benefit for them," he added.

The Welsh Government say the cash will also be shared between Brecon, Llangollen, Barry, Port Talbot, Treorchy, Aberdare and Mold for similar schemes.