REDUCING the number of surplus spaces at schools and improving the state of buildings is set too be a priority for Powys County Council's (PCC) education department for the next six years.

On Tuesday, October 9, the Council's Cabinet will discuss the School's Asset Management Plan (SAMP) to 2024.

The plan sets out the authority's approach to developing and improving the school estate.

Parts of the Targets and Measures for SAMP include reducing the number of school blocks that have been assessed as having a status of C (poor) or D (life expired) from 132 to 120 blocks by 2025.

It also aims to reduce surplus space at primary schools to 14 per cent.

By 2020 it also looks to reduce surplus places at Secondary School to 21 per cent.

The report states: "The Council aims to ensure that Powys has the right number of schools in the right place and in the right condition, for the current and future pupil population."

PCC has also submitted an "ambitious" list to the Welsh Government's 21 Century Schools Programme.

By 2024, the £113million programme includes projects to build a new school building at Ysgol Bro Hyddgen, Machynlleth.

Significant investment in primary schools in Newtown and new Ysgol Cedewain and Brynllywarch special schools.

New Welsh-medium provision, investment in primary schools in Brecon and plans for improving other schools across the county.

Objectives in the SAMP include:

A greater focus on collaboration and partnership working

School to operate effectively and efficiently within the available funding

Increasing demand for Welsh-medium provision which will enable pupils to become confident Welsh speakers

Develops schools into establishments that are central to community activity