Operators of a waste landfill near Llanidloes are applying to get the site open again after its permit was suspended by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) earlier this year.

Potters Waste Management has not been allowed to tip any more waste at Bryn Posteg Landfill, Tylwch Road, since January after NRW suspended the operator’s permit after evidence showed that the site had “substantially more” waste than is legally allowed.

In order to reopen the site and fill a hole that remains there, the landfill operator has applied to vary the permit set out by NRW.

The substantial variation application submitted by Sundorne Products (Llanidloes) Limited asks for an additional 449,959 cubic metres of waste at the site, without increasing the area of the site. The majority of this additional waste is already in place on site and the variation is asking for further imports of 116,657 cubic metres.

The application is currently out for public consultation until October 19.

Also, a planning application to allow the operator to retain the central part of the site at its current level is being prepared.

At a meeting on September 24, Llanidloes Town Council discussed Bryn Posteg Landfill’s latest developments and the application for an increase in movement at the site.

Councillors said that they had “grave reservations” about the recent smells coming from the site which is less then a mile and a half from Llanidloes.

Potters Waste Management said that road tankers are operating in the area until mid to late October while the process of replacing a waterproof plastic layer within the leachate treatment lagoon takes place.

Residents living in Llanidloes and the surrounding communities are urged to attend a meeting arranged by Potters Waste Management to discuss the applications.

Display boards of the plans will be available to view at Chatwood on Longbridge Street, on Monday, October 8, from 3pm to 7pm.

There will be further consultation about the planning application once it has been submitted to planning officers.

Holly Noble, Permitting Team Leader, Natural Resources Wales said: “We have received an application to vary the permit for the Bryn Posteg waste site. This is open for public consultation until 19 October.

“We will scrutinise the proposals to ensure they don’t pose a risk to the environment and the local community, and get advice from health experts, before deciding whether or not to issue the permit.

“The permit variation will only be issued if we are satisfied that the company can operate safely without harming the environment and public health.”