There are 65 people from Powys currently in the UK prison system, according to new statistics.

The report from Wales Governance Centre, a research centre that forms part of Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics, shows there are currently a total of 4704 Welsh prisoners, who are spread across 110 different prisons in Wales and England.

A total of 1197 were from addresses in Cardiff, while 713 were from Swansea.

Dr Robert Jones, of Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre, commented: "This report presents an accurate statistical picture of the prison population in and from Wales. By making this information publicly available for the very first time we hope that it will help those responsible for prisoners and prison leavers across Wales to better target and deliver services.

"We must recognise that prisoner location is a complex but important issue, which hasn’t been fully scrutinised or explored. As recently argued by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons, dispersal and distances from home is an area that requires further attention if we are to see improved outcomes. I hope that this information contributes to further discussions about imprisonment and the justice system in Wales."