A REVIEW  to look at the "long term" senior management arrangements needed to sustain improvement at Powys County Council (PCC) has been called for.

The PCC Cabinet is set to discuss a report from the newly established Improvement and Assurance Board.

The Board which was set up earlier this year to improve Children's and Adult Services, can also look at Corporate Management and Transformation.

Jack Straw, the independent chairman of the PCC Improvement and Assurance Board, has pointed out the board's remit takes an interest in all the "transformation work" being done by the Council.

Mr Straw said: "Simply delivering on the specific recommendation from the external reviews will not necessarily deliver sustainable improvement : hence, the Board has an interest in all of the transformation activity of the Council, which is aimed at meeting current and future service and financial challenges.

Mr Straw in his report says that he is pleased with the appointment of Mohammed Mehmet as acting chief executive and Alison Bulman as director of Social Services, as it creates "clear and stable leadership" and is a vital "step forward."

It is expected that Dr Mehmet will leave Powys once a new chief executive is appointed.

The search for someone to fill the hot seat starts at the end of the month.

Mr Straw adds:  "However it is vital that the authority, together with the acting chief executive, consider now the long term senior management arrangements needed to sustain improvement."

"These arrangements need to be established prior to the recruitment of a permanent chief executive in order to create continuity and minimise time-scales of change.

"This review must deal with not simply structures, but capacity, capability and leadership style."

He adds that work is now taking place to establish the Council's approach to transformation, which will be helped by a Wales Audit Office Review which will happen soon.

Looking at Children's Services, Mr Straw explains that the money and effort that have been pumped into Children's Services will have an effect on the overall Council budget.

And it's still unclear whether the £6million will be enough.

Mr Straw, said "It is inevitable that improvements in social care will come at a significant cost in the medium term,.

"The Authority has made some provision within the budget, it is yet yet unclear as to whether this will be sufficient.

"This challenge will undoubtedly need to be resolved in the coming budget cycle.

"Social care must demonstrate value for money, but this is unlikely to, in itself, contain the financial impact."

"The delivery of CIW (Care Inspectorate Wales) recommendation on improvement is essential, but in itself may not deliver the sustainable improvements that are required.

"The leadership both politically and managerially, must drive the improvement and transformation work at pace."

"A culture based on accountability, ownership, performance management and delivery is the aim, but the journey is a long one."