Pupils from the Welshpool Church in Wales school visited the constuction site of their brand new school for the official launch of its construction. 

The primary school pupils were armed with hi-vis jackets and hard hats as they explored the concrete grounds which their brand new school will soon be built on. 

The building of a new school site for the English-medium primary school is part of a Welsh Government funded £13 million plan for Welshpool schools, which also invovles building a new site for the town's Welsh medium school, Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng. 

Aerial photographs of the construction site also appeared on social media recently. 

Powys School Plans, the Twitter account for the ‘21st Century Schools Programme’, posted the bird’s-eye view photograph in a Tweet, with the caption “amazing bird’s-eye views of the construction site!” 

The Welshpool Church in Wales school is being built near to the site of Welshpool High School and the project is Welsh Government funded.