“Somebody was looking down on us and I was crying with relief that no-one was hurt when there was glass flying everywhere,” said the owner of a Knighton tea shop after a car crashed into the premises last Thursday afternoon.

“There was a huge bang and it literally shock the building. The noise was horrendous and people came running from around to see what has gone wrong,” Christine Branford of the Clock Tower Tea Shop told the County Times this week.

“There were four people sat in the window when it actually happened and a lot of other people at the time and others in the cafe and there was glass everywhere. It was a miracle and I am really grateful that no one was injured,” she said on Wednesday as the cafe was getting back to normal although repairs to the two windows are still to be done.


The car crashed into Clock Tower Tea Shop in Knighton.

“Usually there a lot of cars, lorries and vans on the street and people on the pavement but it was really lucky that there was no-one else around at the time when the he car collided with the cafe in Broad Street at about 2.40pm on Thursday, September 6.

“I don’t really know what happened but the driver, who was a local woman, has freed from the car when the fire service cut off the car roof. She was taken to hospital but I am told she is alright and was out of hospital a few days later,” said Mrs Branford.

“I would like to commend the ambulance, police and fire service for all they did at the scene so professionally. There was quite a bit of damage and there has got to be new windows but I was just so glad that nobody else was hurt as glass flew onto every table,” said Christine.