LIBRARIES and Leisure Centres could be utilised as walk-in contact centres for people with questions for Social Services as much criticised Powys People Direct will be changed and re-branded.

The changes were discussed at Powys County Council's (PCC) Health Care and Houses Scrutiny Committee as part of a broader discussion on a recent performance report on Adult Services.

Head of Transformation Adult Services, Dylan Owen, said that Powys People Direct (PPD) that had been seen as a one stop shop contact centre would be relaunched in January.

He even suggested that it could possibly have a name change.

In the data that members of the committee were looking at contact between people and PPD had increased significantly in recent months.

Many of these "contacts" were described as "inappropriate" which means that the questions were not for the service or were outside their remit.

The report had said that a review of PPD was under way.

Mr Owen, said: "We are still receiving referrals to PPD that are inappropriate.

"There will be a redesign and relaunch early next year, probably January.

"Part of it will include a walk in service at Libraries and Leisure Centres will will make it more accessible to people.

"They will be able to walk in and get the information they need.

"It means accessing services in a different manner and it will be more specialised making it much better. "

Cllr Maureen Mackenzie asked who would be providing the help to those walking in to the libraries and leisure centres.

Mr Owen, replied: "The information will be at a low level and the purpose will be to help people make decisions.

He added that they would be working with the staff and also the voluntary sector to make sure that they would have the information needed to hand.

Cllr Elwyn Vaughan, who has been a vocal critic of PPD in the past, said: "I note what was said about PPD and look forward to see the rebranding and that it is well tested before going live.

"I look forward to seeing a new name as well."

Powys People Direct brands itself on the council's website as "One number for children, adults and families for information and support services."