A Montgomery man has made himself look "ridiculous" by sitting on the spike-covered entrance to the town's castle, protecting himself with nothing but a cushion, to make the point that doing so is "no more ridiculous" than the spikes being installed in the first place.

The gate is situated at the entrance to the Montgomery Castle car park, and a line of small, sharp spikes appeared on top of it sometime this week. Cadw, the historic environmental service for the Welsh Government, was responsible for installing the new "security features".

Bruce Lawson cannot understand why the spikes have been installed, and has concerns relating to tourism and health and safety. He said: "The whole thing is nonsense.

"Someone has been paid in the government to put spikes on a gate."

While posing for photographs, Bruce injured himself, cutting his arm on the spikes lining the top of the gate. "If a child was to climb over the gate they would cut their fingers to bits," he said.

The car park, which is the main entrance to the castle, is open between 10am and 9pm from July to mid September, from 10am to 4pm in mid September to March, and from 10am to 6pm from April to June.

Bruce said: "This business of locking the gate has always been an issue." There are other entrances to the castle which do not have a gate to prevent people entering past visiting hours. "I have scaled the gate because I don't care," said Bruce. He is annoyed that the car park gets closed early at certain times of year, preventing people from enjoying the sunset in the castle grounds.

Bruce also worries that the spikes could put people off visiting the castle. "We're trying to attract tourists and some nitwit decides to put spikes on the gate," he said.

Bruce has taken it upon himself to speak up on behalf of the town. He said: "Nothing ever happens around here because everyone just keeps their head down. Somebody has to do it."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “Regrettably, a new gate and the security features have been deemed necessary at the castle following recent incidents of anti-social behaviour after-hours.”