A police community support officer (PCSO) has been praised on Twitter after he helped an elderly man to his wife's car after witnessing him fall in the road and struggle to walk. 

PCSO Gary Gwilt assisted the man outside the tourist information centre on Wednesday, September 5. 

Dewi Williams from Abermule witnessed the act of kindness and captured the moment on his mobile phone. 

He posted the pictures on the social media site to draw attention to the great work the police do that goes unnoticed.

He said: "I see loads of negative posts on social media about the police but a lot of the great stuff they do goes unnoticed!

"This PCSO in Welshpool today helped/carried an elderly man to his wife’s car after witnessing him fall in the road and struggle to walk.

"Not all heroes wear capes!"

Dewi said: "I think people need to see the good work the police force do rather than always focusing on social media posts that show the police in an unfair light.

"Mum works as a victim support officer and from speaking to her there are a lot of preconceptions about the police that are often negative.

"Hopefully by seeing the good work the police do, people with a negative view of the police will reconsider their opinion and may relate to the great work they do!"

Welshpool Response Sargent Tom Marshall said: "I work with people who do this everyday.

"It's great to receive positive feedback from the public especially with current demands faced by officers.

"A small act of kindness can go a long way and have a lasting impact on people which reflects well on the officers and Dyfed Powys Police."

Mark Collins, Dyfed Powys Police Chief Constable, said on Twitter: "Well done Gary. It's the little thing that count. Diolch un fawr."