Builth Wells Football Club says it will look into security measures to prevent broken glass being repeatedly found on the pitch.

The club is also urging people not to use the football field for social gatherings after smashed glass was found scattered on the field and in the stands at Thomas Lant Field.

Chris Jones, chairman, said club members had to clear the playing field of broken beer bottles the day before The Bulls’ reserves game against Brecon Northcote Reserves on August 29.

“We spent a good hour or two collecting broken pieces of glass from the grounds or we could have called the game off. If someone were to get hurt or injured, it would be awful. We have to be extra cautious when we’re looking for glass because they’re small pieces of brown glass which is easily hidden in the grass.”

County Times:

Smashed glass found in the stand at The Lant. (Picture: Builth Wells FC)

The club says it is considering installing security shutters to box off people from using the stands; which is due to have new seating before the start of the next football season.

“We’re now looking into ways of preventing these sort of things from happening again but it’s going to cost a fair bit of money.

“We need to stop the vandalism because it’s a risk to people’s health.”

Mr Jones says it is not the first time that the club has had to deal with rubbish being scattered at The Lant.

“We’ve had smashed glass at the grounds before now, it happened last year with cans and glass bottles. It’s done on purpose and it needs to stop.”

In a message posted on social media, Builth Wells FC said: “Sadly, this morning our chairman has found smashed glass all in our stand and over the pitch.

We would appreciate it if our facilities were not used for social gatherings as the minority can clearly not respect them!”