New data from, a TripAdvisor company, reveals Welshpool is among the UK’s best-rated destinations for hiking holidays.

Analysing ratings and reviews, the holiday rentals site found that Welshpool ranked among the top ten, with an average rental review score of 4.754 (out of 5.00).

In a blog post, Holiday Lettings highlights Welshpool as a great place to stay for hiking in the region: “If you’ve never experienced the thrill of climbing to the summit of a mountain, Pen y Fan is a good place to start. Or for a nice easy walk along the lake, hike along Llyn Safaddan in Llangorse where you can enjoy a picnic as a reward at the end.”

A spokesperson for Holiday Lettings, said holidaymakers planning a hiking trip to Welshpool can expect great value when booking holiday rentals. “Rentals are fantastic options for a place to stay during holidays.

“Booking a rental lets travellers enjoy the comforts and amenities of home, like extra space, living rooms, and kitchens while on holiday.”

The UK’s 12 best-rated destinations for hiking holidays are:

Destination | Average rental rating

Drymen, Scotland 4.918

Carlisle, England | 4.917

Bangor, Northern Ireland 4.907

Ullapool, Scotland 4.877

Dumfries, Scotland 4.874

St Agnes, England 4.865

Brecon, Wales 4.864

Chipping Campden, England 4.847

Winchester, England | 4.817

Welshpool, Wales | 4.754

The Lizard, England | 4.750

Fort William, Scotland | 4.697