A Radnorshire football club have thanked supporters for donations which have replaced memorial benches which were damaged during a cup final.

A healthy crowd in Presteigne saw the Radnorshire Cup final between Radnor Valley and Knighton Town in April, which Radnor Valley won 1-0 to lift the trophy for the first time in their history.

But Presteigne St Andrews FC say some 'over-exuberance' had led to some of Llanandras Park's memorial benches being damaged during the game as fans stood to find a vantage point wherever they could.

"It was unfortunate that a number of benches were damaged due to people standing on them and, in some instances, jumping up and down on them during the course of the game," said club chairman Andy Crowe.

"It was all the more disappointing because those benches had been installed in memory of a number of club stalwarts and so we were keen to replace them as soon as possible.

"To be fair, we accept it was over exuberance rather than malicious intent, but there was always the chance of upset being caused to the families," he added.

But after seeing the damage Radnor Valley FC and several of the people involved came forward with donations, and the memorial benches are now back in place in restored condition.

"In the cold light of day there was a realisation that perhaps some had probably gone a bit too far," said club secretary Tom Ammonds.

"We are very grateful to Radnor Valley Football Club and a number of individuals who contributed towards the cost of replacing and then installing the benches.

"We would also like to thank the club's hard-working grounds staff who have literally done the spade work to make sure the new benches are back where they should be and looking as good as ever," he added.